ChoomBoonk and other books

by Jack Van der Wyk

Every effort has been made to render these books easy to use from a distance.  The words are printed in very large type, most pages having printing on one side only.  The books are bound with plastic binding which allows the pages to lie flat

ChoomBoonk IChoomBoonk II by Jack Van der WykRudimental ChoomBoonkWhirlwind Mallet MethodChik a Boom1-Handed ChoomBoonk for the Other footHopping BunniesMy Music Book

Hopping Bunnies - for children, four to eight
My Music Book teaches quarter notes and quarter rests and introduces eighth notes.  It can be followed by or simultaneously used with Hopping Bunnies, also by Jack Van der Wyk.  Hopping Bunnies is an exhaustive treatment of quarter notes with pairs of eighth notes.  Children learn to associate the word "hop" with quarter notes, and "bunny" with two eighth notes, doing away with the problem of explaining fractional equivalents of time to children too young to grasp the concept of fractions.  The book is remarkably fast and  effective in teaching the reading of eighth note patterns.  Hopping Bunnies is, of course, adorned with illustrations of bunnies attending each exercise in the book.


My Music Book - My Music Book is another publication by Jack Van der Wyk, the original purpose of which was to teach pre-school children how to read rhythms in standard notation.  It is quite successful in that it can teach 4-year olds how to read simple quarter-note patterns in one 20-minute session and eventually simple eighth-note patterns.  It is illustrated with kiddie pictures and has large, easy to read notes.  Children like to take the book home and study it.  It has been found that it is equally appropriate to 8-year-olds, and, if presented with discretion, can save a lot of time in starting older children and adults on reading standard notation, because it carefully presents one element at a time.  Let the beginning adult use the book for 10 to 12 minutes and he/she will have a clear understanding of quarter notes, quarter rest and eighth notes in 4/4 time.  Then take the book away and the student is ready to begin studying standard reading exercises in quarters and eights.

My Music Book has 11 pages of easy rhythms, includes instructions and a guide to parents and instructors.  It also has a plastic binding allowing the pages to lay flat.


ChoomBoonk I - 52 pages. Contains 2- and 3-limb exercises and pieces, including easy cross-rhythms and hundreds of control exercises.  Especially suitable for young students or adults not presently interested in 4-limb study.  Easy to intermediate.

ChoomBoonk II - 127 pages.  Includes all of ChoomBoonk I, plus more advanced problems, exercises and pieces for 2, 3 and 4 limbs.  There is a vast amount of material systematically presented.  Easy to difficult.


1-Handed ChoomBoonk for the OTHER Foot - 24 pages.  Divided into two identical parts as in above companion book.  56 exercises for one hand and left foot.


3 Duets for Snare Drum


Bosso Tango (percussion ensemble to 5 players)


So (trio for soprano voice, clarinet in Bb and piano)


Meta Taxis ( percussion trio)


Intru (percussion and organ)


Medical Science (duo for unaccompanied solo marimba)

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