Whirlwind Mallet Method by Jack Van der Wyk

Whirlwind Mallet Method
by Jack Van der Wyk

Whirlwind Mallet Method is a series of original musical exercises which gradually induce fundamental skills and theory, allowing melodic appeal to keep the beginning student motivated.

Perhaps the reader has shared the author's observation that many mallet students fail to survive the practicing of necessary scales, arpeggios, roll exercises, etc., and also find the avalanche of notation theory typically found on the first page of most recognized mallet texts as an unreasonable presentation.

It is attempted here to present not all, but a great deal of theoretical and technical material needed by the serious student in the form of hopefully enjoyable melodic exercises, each of which deals with some important aspect of professional training.  The student becoming involved in these pages may quickly develop confidence on the instrument which will promote an understanding of the relevance of comprehensive mastery of scales and arpeggios, leading to voluntary explorations in to the more methodically oriented method books, having become better equipped to take advantage of them.

Every effort has been made to make this book effective for the beginner who does not have a teacher. 

For the achievement of facility, accuracy and reading ability on mallet -played keyboard instruments.

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