ChoomBoonk Vocabulary

ba, a, la, ga = left hand
ring, er, li = right hand
bring = both hands
oom, oo = right foot
Boom, Boo = right foot & left hand
Room, Roo = right foot & right hand
Broom, Broo = right foot & both hands
Chik, Ch = left foot
Chop, Cha = left foot & left hand
Ching = left foot & right hand
Chi = "
Rink = "
Brink = left foot & both hands
Choom = both feet
Boonk = both feet & left hand
Roonk = both feet & right hand
Chomp = all four limbs

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Brief History of ChoomBoonk
How Does ChoomBoonk Work?
Why This New System?
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Who Can Use ChoomBoonk?
Is ChoomBoonk Indian?

ChoomBoonk by Jack Van der Wyk Copyright 1975

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