ChoomBoonk I by Jack Van der Wyk

Instruction Book to Achieve Coordinated
Independence of the Four Limbs

This is a music instruction book intended for those musicians whose instruments demand that they use all four limbs, simultaneously and independently.  It's purpose is to develop an exceptional ability to perform music having three or four horizontally independent parts.

Borrowing an idea from India, the author has invented a language (ChoomBoonk) which provides a phonetic association for each of the 15 possible combinations of four limbs.  Through this verbal notation system, complex 4-part rhythmic counterpoint can be expressed and assimilated as a single line of spoken words.

This is ChoomBoonk I

This edition is intended for young people in the primary grade age level.  As the pages are selected from the complete version for adults, ChoomBoonk I may be used by older students for beginning and intermediate levels of instruction.

Not included in this edition are the pages dealing with the left foot and all inappropriately difficult material.

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