How Does ChoomBoonk Work?

There are 15 different ways to combine your four limbs in performing on a drum set.  For example, right hand alone is 1, left hand is 2, both hands together 3, right foot alone 4, etc.  ChoomBoonk assigns an easily remembered and logically contrived syllable to represent each one of the fifteen possible combinations of hands and feet.  In some instances there are alternate syllables (synonyms) available to provide for the avoidance of tongue-twisting combinations at high speed.  There are only 28 words in the language to learn.  The vocabulary is introduced so gradually and systematically that one is unaware of any effort being expended on memorization.  In following the exercises in the book, one eventually becomes conditioned to respond with the appropriate combination of hands and feet immediately upon hearing, speaking or seeing a syllable.  Thus when one speaks, reads or hears the following:

"RinkaBrink Boomerla RoomerBoom aBrinka", (ChoomBoonk notation)

one can immediately play:

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