1-Handed ChoomBoonk for the Other foot by Jack Van der Wyk

1-Handed ChoomBoonk for the Other Foot
by Jack Van der Wyk

A systematic progression of rhythmic exercises for the solo LEFT foot in coordination with only one hand at a time.  In ChoomBoonk notation - inspired by oral teaching traditions of Eastern culture.

Professional Musicians and Advanced Students know that clean rhythm and time keeping are essential qualities characterizing the most respected musicians.  In line with such goals, they may rely upon this book to help achieve more accurate and incisive left foot playing.

New Percussion Students will find the beginning of this book to be ideal in introducing left foot work.  It is recognized here that four-limb coordination is an unreasonably difficult undertaking before the student has reached a level of confidence and competence with the left foot in conjunction with only one other limb at a time.

Therefore, this book may be used early, even before steadiness appears in the right foot. 

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