Rudimental ChoomBoonk by Jack Van der Wyk

An intensive exploration of Snare Drum Rudiments and their manifold variations.  The development of a flexible and substantial sticking technique is facilitated by the use of phonetic notation.

Rudimental ChoomBoonk
by Jack Van der Wyk

Rudimental drumming is a difficult art form to learn.  Most students are willing to agree with the above statement.  A second assertion that few teachers would dispute is that rudimental drumming is a difficult art to teach.

The author has written this handbook of rudimental drumming in ChoomBoonk notation for one selfish reason: He finds it wasteful to teach rudiments using only traditional notation when it is known to him that there is an easier way, both for the teacher and the learner.  The author's own experience has confirmed that fact in most cases.  It is expected that many rudimental teachers will be unwilling to change a method of teaching that they have worked hard to perfect.  This is very understandable and the author would quite probably be among this group if Rudimental ChoomBoonk had been written by someone else.  We are all human, are we not?  However, it must be a truism that some initial effort is required to make any task easier. 

Happily, it will be seen that the effort required to teach or learn in this new method is minimal, the syllables being few and easy to remember.  Also, the precedent for learning rudiments with vocalizable syllables is ancient, as many traditional drumming schools in various countries have had such syllables of their own in use, not to mention the fact that many of the rudiments themselves have been named with words formed of such syllables that approximate the rhythm of the rudiment when spoken.

Rudimental ChoomBoonk has been organized in accordance with the author's own bias as to the sequence in which rudiments ought to be learned.  Since there is not a great deal of agreement among teachers on this issue, a detailed Table of Contents is provided for those who prefer to teach or study the rudiments in a different sequence.

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