Chik a Boom by Jack Van der Wyk

Chik a Boom
by Jack Van der Wyk

Chikaboom is part of the series of drum-set instruction books by Jack Van der Wyk incorporating the drummer's language, ChoomBoonk, an original phonetic notation system inspired by the oral tabla teaching traditions of India.  Because the drummer quickly learns to translate printed syllables into physical movements, it can be regarded as a breakthrough for learning complex rhythms requiring the use of all four limbs.  A single line of printed ChoomBoonk syllables, strung together as in a line of bouncy nonsense poetry, gives the same information as four lines of conventional musical notes.

ChikaBoom includes both feet and both hands, all working together to produce coordinated rhythms.  The emphasis of ChikaBoom is on the use of the left foot in playing the hi-hat or second bass drum in conjunction with the other three limbs.  Since the left-foot notations may be used to signal the use of either a hi-hat pedal or a second bass drum, it is suggested that the reader try it both ways, if two bass drums are available.

Open and closed notes for the hi-hat are specifically indicated, allowing for systematic study to help achieve mastery of that remarkable instrument.

ChoomBoonk exercises in ChikaBoom are accompanied by simultaneous translations into conventional music notes.

ChoomBoonk Notation is Easy to Learn!
It is not necessary to memorize all of the syllables at once. 
This book will teach them to you one or two at a time.

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